VERTICAL CHURCH PHOENIX is a vibrant multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational community of believers whose mission and vision is to reach people where they are, train and equip them in discovering their Kingdom identity...

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Rancho Gabriela 

15272 W Gabriela Dr, Surprise, AZ 85379

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Our Why

When you are considering visiting a church it's a good thing to understand why the church does what it does the way it does. Well, here is our why. 

Why Sunday morning services? 

We believe that you can come together any day of the week as believers. Sunday morning happens to be the day that we choose for corporate worship, praise and adoration of the Lord. We believe you are to live out your Christianity every day, in your home, the marketplace and anywhere God grants you reach. But weekly we will come together to focus -- or refocus -- on the truth of God's word and the grace we have through Jesus. We proclaim God's truth, submitting ourselves to it, seeking to be transformed. We collectively worship, not as disconnected individuals but as a community, through music, teaching and prayer.

Why Small groups? 

We believe in being intentional about meeting around the common cause of Christ. Weekly we will meet in HUB groups (Helping Unite Believers). Each time you meet in the HUB there will be a discussing about Christ, His word and Kingdom matters.HUB's are small groups of people learning to follow Jesus together. We do that by meeting together in a hospitable space where strangers can become friends and where we can pay attention to God together. HUB groups study, discuss, pray, eat, and serve. They’re beautiful and they’re messy, just like life. They won’t fix all your problems, but they will provide you with a community that will push you towards deeper levels of faith, love, and discipleship. We follow Jesus better when we’re together. That’s why we do HUB groups. Come join us!

Small Groups

Why Targeted Fellowship? 

This is an easy answer; we believe that all lasting change occurs through relationships. We want to know your story, hear your heart, share in your journey, pray for you, stand with you, believe with you and watch as God initiates His work in your life. This means we will be intentional about having time where we are simply living life together. "Six days a week we seek to dominate the world, on the seventh day we try to dominate the self.” ― Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath; We must regularly meet and spend time together with activities such as bowling, family focus days, fishing, having dinner or just hanging out with each other. We encourage this. 



Why outreach? 

We believe our community, our occupations and your neighborhood is our greatest mission field. Where you live, work or play is a mission field. The church must seek the good of others and for opportunities to serve and always be on mission.



Why youth, childrens, womens and mens ministry? 

We believe everyone should be taught on their level. We also believe that parents are called to be the primary spiritual leaders of their children/youth and so we strive to support them however we can. We also believe that men and women need to be taught in environments that allow them to be educated in areas specific to their gender.



Why we have plurality of leadership? 

We believe that one man should not carry the load in ministry. We do believe that the ministry should have a first amongst equals and therefore VCP does have a lead pastor, who serves with other very capable Elders/Pastors and leaders to support God's work. (Acts 6:3, Exodus 18:21, Number 27:16) 



Why Give? 

We believe that giving is not only biblical but necessary to meet the needs of the community we serve as well as having a space to facilitate corporate worship and ongoing christian education. When a body of believers have their own space, members can see their financial investment as well as many other opportunities to love on those in our community through night classes, summer programs and family enhancement training. Proverbs 21:26, Proverbs 28:27, Malachi 3:10, 2 Cor 9:6-8, Luke 6:38. (*We are independently audited each year)



Why the Gospel?

Gospel means good news, but it is truly the most profound and glorious truth ever revealed. It is not advice, nor is it a system or philosophy to add to our lives. It is an exclusive truth claim, a holistic worldview, the true story of the whole world, which by its very nature must redefine and recolor everything else. It is the truth of God's mission to redeem and renew all things, centered on the historical reality of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus (1 Cor. 15:3-4). It is in Jesus - God in flesh, the promised Messiah, Savior, and rightful King over all - that the hope of salvation for individuals, societies, and all creation rests. It is in this truth that we now stand and are being saved (1 Cor. 15:1-2). Simply put we believe and practice what the bible says, alone we believe it is sufficient.



Why do we emphasize teaching?

We believe teaching gives people the best opportunity to learn God's character and His nature. The Gospel is for us but about HIM!



Why and the how?

We are intentional about creating culture that produces Christlikeness, honor, respect and value in all that we do. Everyone matters and we are not after sameness as much as unity (Ephesians 4:3 Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace) We are a serving community which is the DNA of our culture. We serve each other and our community with the Gospel and attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We don't do everything, but we do a few things well. 


When you believe what others believe it makes it easier to follow, get involved, fellowship, catch the vision and support the vision prayerfully, financially and in participation.


*(Vertical Church Phoenix has a church board and a board of accountability) (*We are Startchurch organization and a 501(c)3 

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